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Brand Transparency

Why is Canadian Made Important?

When a brand discloses that they are ethically made in Canada, does that include all parts, including fabric? Did you know that a tag can say ‘Made in Canada’ without having to disclose that the fabric is made in a factory overseas?

The fashion industry is one of the worst industries for unethical production. There are sweatshops all over the world where employees are forced to work in horrific conditions for wages that pay next to nothing. It is something that seems to have been swept under the rug in the past but definitely needs to be brought to light. When we started this company, we decided that our brand would be nothing short of 100% ethical. All companies that we work with pay fair wage in amazing facilities. They are all based in Ontario, which was also a big deal to us as this helps to promote local business. We worked very hard to source everything from Canada, including the production of fabric, dying of fabric, and manufacture of all of our products. Although it may cost us more to be a 100% Canadian made company, we feel that it is important to stick to what we believe in.  We believe in sustainable, ethical fashion and putting an end to fast fashion.



Really though, who made your clothes? Have you ever stopped to think about it? There are so many brands, stores, small shops, etc. that create beautiful pieces, but what you don’t see is what goes into creating this “beauty”.  We want to be fully transparent in showing you who made our pieces and feel that knowing where your clothing comes from is something to be proud of. By purchasing products from our line you are not just supporting us, you are supporting multiple other Canadian businesses and frankly, that is pretty badass of you!


Who Made our Sweaters, Tanks and Tees?

Scarborough, Ontario is where we get our blank pieces of apparel that we turn into our signature Everyday Hustle pieces. Our manufacturer is all about ethical fashion. They pride themselves on a sweatshop free, fair wage, equal environment that treats all of their employees as family. We ourselves have walked the production line in Scarborough and it is amazing to see the pride and dedication that all employees share while creating such beautiful and comfortable pieces. This is a Canadian Made facility which was a critical factor in helping us to decide to work with them. 


Who Made Our Fabric?

It is very rare to find fabric that is directly sourced from North America, let alone Canada. Our fabric actually comes from one of the only mills that is left in North America! Through countless hours of research we were able to find this amazing company who we worked with on creating a 100% Canadian, high quality, custom blend fabric. All fabric is knit on site in Mississauga, Ontario. After the manufacture of our fabric is complete, it is shipped to Ajax,  Ontario where it is dyed to create our custom colours!


Who Made Our ‘Essential’ Products?

A brother and sister duo that are nothing short of amazing. Our manufacturers are a professional draft, cut and sew shop that help us to make some of our brand favourites. Without them, we wouldn’t have the Essential Pants or the Essential Jumpsuit! They are able to bring our ideas to life through digital pattern making and have the most awesome sewing team to help them turn our patterns into actual product. All products are cut and sewn on site in the Oshawa, Ontario facility.